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Softpots is the art of making handmade fabric plant pots for both indoor and outdoor plants. Making a Softpot is a delightful craft experience. It's a highly creative and rewarding pastime limited only by your imagination and skill. Softpots have many practical as well as aesthetic advantages over plastic or ceramic planters.

Within the home, Softpots can be designed to coordinate with any colour scheme, adding warmth and a touch of sophistication. When you change your colour scheme it's easy to re-cover your Softpots to match.

Softpots are kinder to plants because they are flexible and allow plants to 'breathe', promoting natural root growth with no root spiraling. Softpots make plants happy!

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The 'Saturday Softpot Club' is live at 11:30am every Saturday. Join in the Softpot chat and free demonstration!

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Softpot 1 hour Taster Course at Henshaws, Knaresborough. (£25 for 1/£20 each for two including plants and materials). Book your session today.

Contact Annie@Softpots.com to arrange an appointment
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No need to buy new plant pots! for your garden, it is easy to make beautiful hanging baskets, window boxes and pots of all shapes and sizes. Softpots don't heat up in the sun and can be insulated to protect the roots against cold.

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